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TOA OIL's Keihin Refinery is situated in the heart of the Keihin Waterfront District, one of Japan's most important industrial belts. As the Showa Shell Group's core refinery, the Keihin Refinery plays a crucial role in supplying energy to greater Tokyo and all of Eastern Japan, a major oil-consuming region.
The Keihin Refinery strives for safe, secure operation by means of technology and expertise accumulated over many years combined with cutting-edge facilities. Highly efficient operation makes it possible to supply high value-added, high-quality oil products.

Start of operations:  Keihin Refinery   August 1955
Keihin Refinery
Site area Approx. 400,000 m2
Atmospheric distillation unit 70,000 barrels per day
Naphtha hydro- desulfurization unit 17,000 barrels per day
Catalytic reformer 9,500 barrels per day
hydro-desulfurization unit
15,000 barrels per day
Diesel oil
hydro-desulfurization unit
20,000 barrels per day
Coker naphtha scrubber 2,500 barrels per day
Vacuum distillation unit 58,000 barrels per day
Vacuum diesel oil
hydro-desulfurization unit
46,000 barrels per day
Naphtha cracking
hydro-desulfurization unit
7,000 barrels per day
Hydrogen production unit 930,000 cubic meters per day
Naphtha isosieve unit (Isosieve) 6,000(2,500) barrels per day
Aromatics manufacturing equipment  
Flexicoker 27,000 barrels per day
Low-calorie gas scrubber 5,130,000 cubic meters per day
Sulfur recovery unit 380 tons per day
Fluidized catalytic cracker (FCC) 42,000 barrels per day
Light catalytic cracked
gasoline (LCCG) scrubber
10,000 barrels per day
Heavy catalytic cracked
gasoline (HCCG) scrubber
16,000 barrels per day
Polynaphtha unit 518 tons per day
LPG hydrofining unit 400 tons per day
Solvent manufacturing equipment 750 barrels per day
Propanel Propylene spilitter 345 tons per day
  Boilers 150 tons per hour x 2